Free Assessment of the Premises

We will assess your property, residential or commercial, by availing ourselves of expert surveyors who will assess the premises attributing a correct market value. For any eventual assessment for indicative purposes please feel free to contact us.
You will be contacted timely with the offer of an efficient evaluation and assessment according to market standards.

Financial Advice

HSA will help you to find the best financial solution for the purchasing of real estate, for renovation of property, transfer of property and has also concluded interesting conventions with various Credit Institutions. Said conventions offer you a vast range of personalised loans, fit to satisfy our needs and bearing in mind the best rate, lowest costs and best guarantees.

Technical Advice

HSA may give you 360° assistance and satisfy all those indispensable, stressful actions entailed when there is a change in occupancy. We are able to furnish you a project or renovation of your new property inclusive of a thorough technical evaluation to be modelled according to your needs and requirements.

Contract registrations, Fiscal Advice, Legal Advice and Notary Public Services

This market is in continuous evolution and, therefore, appropriate professionalism and instruments are a must. HSA may give you this assistance, in real time, furnishing the most worthy documentation, through mortgage search and controls, company inspections and technical cadastral records or real estate registers. Thanks to this synergy over the years, our organisation is able to aid you in any steps connected to the sale of your property and thus enable you to face the sale with more ease and awareness.