CacciapuotiHouse Service Agency

was founded by Vincenzo Cacciapuoti, aimed at placing his know-how and 20-year experience of the Domitio coastal area to the service of those who would like to improve and safeguard their real estate property and financial assets.
HSA, thanks to the professionalism, courtesy and skills of its Manager boasts the esteem of not only its clients but also many colleagues and institutions in the surrounding area.

Native of Lago Patria, Vincenzo Cacciapuoti is duly enrolled in the list of brokers and knows the area concerned like the back of his hand. Thanks to his service in the State Police his professional skill applied to regulations, rules and the application thereof is more widespread.

HSA is a modern agency, able to face the continuous changes in real estate and financial business, able to guarantee the best solutions, to examine the clients’ requirements with expertise and accuracy thanks to the constant up-dates in the legal field, computer know-how and sales processes.

HSA, as a result of such a policy, boasts a wide range of clients covering a good portion of the real estate scenario in the Domitio coastal area, both as concerns housing and commercial sectors.